Our Community


There’s no better feeling than being part of a community, which is why we seek to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities wherever they are and however they envision. At our core, we believe that everyone has their place. We encourage meaningful personal and professional connections within the Makom community and across the wider community, too.  You’ll never feel alone when you’re part of Makom.

Makom supports nearly 230 people across the DMV

Find Your Place with Makom

With so many opportunities to make connections, find meaning and have fun, you’ll fit right in! 

Every choice is yours from the very beginning – but we’ll be right here if you need us, when you need us, in the way you need us.

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Feel successful in your job with support from our team.

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Have a blast with your friends and Makom community members!

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Feel confident in the support you are receiving.

Forty years of opening doors with people with IDD