The IEP and PCP are life plans that aid in helping persons with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) navigate their wants and needs for their lives. They are the cornerstone of the person’s vision to achieve a life that is successful in their eyes. Speaking at our event are Ari Gliecher and Shelisa Kingston!

Ari Gleicher – Ari is the director for the MOST program at Makom. After graduating, Ari became a Special Education Teacher at a self-contained school for high-school-aged students in the Boston area for 4 years. After getting married and moving to Seattle, he continued to teach as a Special Educator, working in both Inclusion and Self-Contained programs. After 12 years of teaching, Ari transitioned to administration, becoming the Special Education Director of Pacific Learning Center NW.

Shelisa Kingston – Shelisa is the interest and enrollment Coordinator at Makom. She has over 7+ years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities. She started as a clinical assistant in a neurobehavioral unit, then as a personal support staff and coordinator of community services. Shelisa believes in creating space in life to do the most important things and bringing a sense of peace and calm to a world that can feel chaotic.