With an education in neuroscience, psychology, and physical and mental disability, OTs use evidenced based assessments and interventions to engage each unique individual and improve their functional participation in meaningful activity. The “OCCUPATION” in occupational therapy refers to the necessary tasks that we perform daily to propel us through the day and the activities we CHOOSE to do which give our lives meaning. Our guest speaker is Marcy Schlissel!

After working as a dance artist and Pilates instructor for many years in the DMV, as well as managing and directing a wellness and Pilates studio in NYC, Marcy desired more education. She returned to school mid-career to achieve her MS degree in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University. Since then, she has worked across the spectrum in the geriatric field, dancing with some and laughing with many, all while empowering those who want to create change in their lives for the better. Now, she’s thrilled to be working at Makom, where she can marry all of her past experiences and provide true client-centered therapy to facilitate desired change and empower the people we [proudly] support.